Web & Mobile Scheduling

Survey* shows that over 90% of people want web-based access to health information and education. 72% want to book, change, or cancel physician appointments online.

Health practices that are keeping up with this demand run an online scheduling system. But those that gain the highest operational efficiency and provide an optimal patient engagement experience, choose to run Odoro.

(*Accenture survey of more than 1,100 U.S. patients)

Online Scheduler 2

Online Scheduler (Web+Mobile)

With our Web and Mobile Online Schedulers your patients gain the 24/7 access they want, to self-serve their appointments. While you keep the control in your hands using SchedLogic™.
Our solutions feature responsive design and are seamlessly viewed on a variety of desktop and mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, smartwatches). They are automatically viewable by you and your staff from any device you choose.
We pride ourselves on keeping complex and powerful technology simple to use. The more intuitive the design on our end, the more time we save for you and the better user experience we provide for you, your staff, and your patients. See below for screenshots of the patient scheduling experience.


  • 24/7 access for patients, with no wait time
  • 50-70% appointments moved to self-service
  • Reduce no-show by 50-85%
  • Set price regardless of the number of appointments made
  • Increase appointment utilization by 5-12%
  • Save 50 work hours per month per practitioner
  • Exceptional service for existing and new clients
  • Your bottom line: reach practice’s full economic potential clients

All-ways Scheduling

Increase Patient Engagement

When you choose to run all of Odoro’s scheduling modules your patients can self-serve their appointment booking using all points of access: Web, Mobile, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and Call Center, alongside your office staff. This provides your patients 24/7 access and significantly reduces your staff’s workload. Everyone wins. Odoro’s solutions are powered by a scalable rule-based engine – SchedLogic™.  See our system’s Benefits section for more on how we stack up.